Thursday, May 28, 2009

An interesting read. Speaks my sentiments.

The "Bitch" Evolved: Why Girls Are So Cruel to Each Other
By Jesse Bering, in Scientific American

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Me: I hate the fact that my mental conditioning is typical Pakistani. I manage to over-ride it consciously. But i feel disgusted at myself.
Aati: There's not much point in hating yourself. If you had been born with a deformity such as a missing limb, would it have been your fault? The mental conditioning is your invisible handicap. And a highly debilitating one at that. But people learn to walk around handicaps, minimize their effect. That is achievement. Because you can't just grow yourself a limb.
Me: *Sigh* I am a handicapped. Great.
Aati: We all are. We're a one armed subspecies :P
Animals possess moral tendencies... a discovery, if true, goes hugely in favour of the evolutionary theory of morality:

'Prof Bekoff, who presents his case in a new book Wild Justice, said: "The belief that humans have morality and animals don't is a long-standing assumption, but there is a growing amount of evidence that is showing us that this simply cannot be the case....

His ideas have met with some controversy in the scientific community, but many admit it is difficult to argue that animals do not share many of the psychological qualities previously only attributed to humans.

Professor Frans de Waal, a primate behaviourist at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, said: "I don't believe animals are moral in the sense we humans are – with well developed and reasoned sense of right and wrong – rather that human morality incorporates a set of psychological tendencies and capacities such as empathy, reciprocity, a desire for co-operation and harmony that are older than our species.

"Human morality was not formed from scratch, but grew out of our primate psychology. Primate psychology has ancient roots, and I agree that other animals show many of the same tendencies and have an intense sociality."'

Read the complete article here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

In the society in which I live, people are brought up in manner that makes them very socially conscious of their image. Whatever they do, they always have in the back of their mind 'what would people say/think'? They are taught to continuously see their own lives through the lens of other people. As a result, their social behaviour is pretty much determined by what is deemed acceptable; they are living externally. There are very few exceptions to this. The problem is that this social consciousness, once developed, is very hard to get rid of, because it becomes cemented in the personality, and when the free-thinking minds rebel against the dogmas and traditions of society, their minds are still in the grips of that social consciousness; they still subconsciously want the acceptance, the respect of the herd; they still subconsciously pay heed to what the people say about them. And this creates an internal conflict. They are convinced of their own validity, but they cannot tune their minds out of what other people say about them. They either become miserable, bitter social outcasts, or they effectively hide away their deviance from the society. Even when there is no direct economic or legal limitation binding these liberal souls, this social consciousness proves to be a big inhibition. True and genuine freedom will come not just from breaking free from the conservative ideals but also from the mental snare of social consciousness. Or one can by-pass it by surrounding oneself by like-minded people, by creating your own little world. Internet has made this easier, but it is still a luxury that not many can enjoy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

X: I think i believe in fate more than i believe in God.

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